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Get rid of ant problems once and for all with Innovative Pest Management.  Ants can be tricky to completely get rid of due to their nesting nature.  It is easy to kill a bunch of ants and look like you are getting results,  but you will soon find that more just keep coming.  The queen ant will never leave the nest and as long as she is alive, there will always be more ants.   The key is to eliminate the queen ant by getting her workers to take poison bait back to the nest.

ant problem in kitchenHave ants in your kitchen?  Ants are most commonly found anywhere there is a food source.  Given their small size, they have no problem finding their way through walls.  They oftentimes use electrical wires or plumbing pipes as a highway through your home and can be seen coming in the kitchen.  Ants will travel great distances to carry food back to the nest.  A single nest can contain countless thousands of ants!

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Our trained pest control technicians employ multiple tactics to eliminate your ant problem entirely.  Once the problem has been resolved, preventative pest control can be discussed to keep future pest problems from happening.  Our monthly pest control service is great for keeping your home bug free year round.  Call us today to have a complete pest control solution tailored to your home or business.

Monthly and Bi-Monthly Pest Control Service


With a plethora of bugs in the Las Vegas valley, it is no wonder that monthly pest control service considered a necessity by most homeowners and businesses.  At the first sight of bugs there are many things to consider in order to get the best results possible.  How are these bugs getting in?  Are there more that I can’t see?  Will the pest control methods be safe for my pets and family?  Who should I call?

Innovative Pest Management knows from experience that dealing with Las Vegas pests involves initial treatment of the bugs that are already there as well as preventative measures for a pest free tomorrow.  On their first visit, technicians will identify the intruders along with the entry points they are using to invade the structure.  The tech will then recommend a treatment regimen to resolve the pest problem and keep it from coming back.

With few exceptions, bi-monthly pest control provides the best balance of value and pest control results.  The high quality pesticides utilized by Innovative can remain effective for up to two months between applications.  Certain areas and structures will require more frequent service depending on the severity of the pest control problem.  For those instances we will likely recommend monthly service.

The safety of your family and pets is our number one concern.  What would be the benefit of getting rid of disease carrying bugs if you then had to worry about the toxic chemicals used?  We use specially formulated, odorless compounds that, once dry, are safe for families, children and pets!

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