Get Rid of Ants!

ant problem

Ants in Las Vegas are a big problem.  Anyone who has ever had ants in their kitchen knows that they aren’t easy to get rid of.  Sure, there are lots of spray cans that advertise their ability to kill ants, and they appear to at first.  The truth is that for every ant killed with spray there are hundreds back at the nest waiting to replace them.  Sprays can actually cause a single colony of ants to divide in to two or more separate colonies!  Proper treatment for an ant infestation involves getting the ants to take poison back to the colony itself.  It is only then that one stands the chance of eliminating an ant problem completely.

Aside from getting rid of ants, it is good to know the why and how they got in your home.  Unsurprisingly, ants go out in search of food to bring back to the nest.  They can travel through the smallest of holes in walls,easily using wiring and plumbing as “ant highways” between your kitchen and their nest.  It is not uncommon for ants to travel great distances to reach food.  Sealing off entry points to your home is one way to prevent ants from invading.  Keeping problem areas like “under the sink” clean also attributes greatly to keeping ants out.

Las Vegas is home to just a small fraction of the 22,000 kinds of ants in existence.  Wikipedia reports that ants have been evolving for over 100 million years.  No wonder they are so tough!

What does it cost to get rid of ants?

Getting rid of ants is included with our monthly pest control service at no extra charge.  Your technician will apply the proper treatment which can include highly effective insecticides and dusting behind wall outlets with a special poison.  This long lasting insecticide will be carried back to the nest by the ants.  As usual, the technician will perform a power spray to the outside of the home to keep ants and other insects from getting in at all.  If you aren’t already an Innovative customer, call us today to hear about our pest control specials!  Ant control is just one call away.

Here is a great video example of ants invading a kitchen.  Keeping pet food areas clean is key as well to keeping ants away.