Cockroach Control

how to get rid of roaches

Get Rid of Roaches!

Getting rid of roaches is as simple as one call Innovative Pest Management.  Let’s start off with the obvious here…  Roaches love the heat of the desert.  Combine that with a source of water like a pool or spa and you have a potential roach paradise.  If they make it inside your home they can find all the water and food they need in your kitchen.  During the day they spend their time in seclusion, hiding behind appliances or within cabinets.  Other hiding spots include behind pictures, within electronics, or between baseboards and flooring.

There are three main types of cockroaches to be found in the Las Vegas valley.  The American cockroach, German cockroach and and Oriental roach.  Of the three the American is the largest roach, closely followed by the Oriental roach.  The German roach is quite a bit smaller but every bit as problematic.  If you are having any roach issues call us today to put them to rest!


Seeing these in your home or business? Call us now!

Cockroaches have been crawling the earth long before man ever came around.  They are one of the oldest insects in existence.  As scavengers they aren’t picky eaters.  Roaches can survive on almost anything organic.  They may have preferences towards sweets, starches, and meats, but they will also eat dried skin, or dead plants and animals.

Many roaches seen around the house can be prevented or exterminated with standard monthly pest control.  For German cockroach infestations(usually in kitchens or bathrooms), specialized treatment is required to reach them inside the walls where they hide.  Roaches are great survivors but we have the skills and tools to eliminate them from your home or business!