Scorpion Control for Las Vegas

Get Rid of Scorpions!

Make scorpion problems a thing of the past with IPM.  Las Vegas is home to a few different types of scorpions.  Certain areas of the valley have much higher scorpion population than others.  If you happen to live in one of those areas, you are much more prone to run into these menacing critters.

How to kill scorpions? Scorpions not only look tough, but are difficult to kill without specialized pest control treatments.  First the existing scorpions must be eliminated and then a powerful preventative pest control program must be adhered to.  Normal pest control treatments will likely not deter scorpions.  Innovative offers a scorpion black light treatment for the most stubborn scorpion infestations.

What kind of scorpions are in Las Vegas?

The most prevalent of poisonous scorpions found here is the Arizona Bark Scorpion.  This scorpion is to be considered highly venomous and dangerous to small animals and children.  You may find this type of scorpion climbing your walls as the are very skilled climbers.  Whether you have scorpions on your floor, walls, or in your yard, Innovative Pest Management has the skills and experience to make them a thing of the past.  Call us today for more information about the best in Las Vegas Scorpion Control.

scorpion extermination

This is over 30 scorpions from just one backyard black-light treatment in Henderson!