Summertime Pests and Bugs

summertimeWith our first 100+ degree day of the year now behind us, full on summer heat is just around the corner.  While we enjoy the rest of spring who doesn’t like to leave the windows and doors open from time to time?  Getting some fresh air in the house is great, but nobody wants uninvited guests crawling in and ruining all the fun.  If you spot roaches, spiders, water bugs or any other insects, it might be time for some monthly pest control service.

Here are some of the common summertime bugs that are found in Las Vegas and Henderson:

water bug by poolWater Bugs:  Also known as Oriental roaches, water bugs are usually found by(you guessed it) water!  If you have a backyard with a pool or spa, these bugs can gather in groups ranging from just a few to hundreds.  They can also find their way inside the home in search of food.

Ants:  These tough bugs can be found anywhere from the sidewalk, kitchen, to the garage.  A trail of ants is hard to miss and even harder to get rid of.  Once ants find a food source they can mobilize an entire colony to take advantage of it.

What do these bugs have in common?  They can both be dealt with and prevented in the future by monthly pest control from Innovative Pest Management.  Utilizing either monthly or bi-monthly service we form a barrier of protection around your home and property that eliminates the bugs you have and keeps them from coming back.

With countless bugs waiting to crash your summertime BBQ or pool party,  preventive pest control just makes sense!  Don’t waste your spring and summer being bothered by bugs.  Speak with one of our pest experts today who can tailor a plan to fit your property and schedule!