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We take exterminating bed bugs seriously

If you are searching for a bed bug exterminator in Las Vegas then look no further!  Bed bugs are no laughing matter and need to be dealt with swiftly to prevent their spreading.  If left untreated, a simple bedbug problem can easily spread from one room to an entire home or business.  When treating a single room, adjacent rooms may have to be treated as a precautionary measure.  Be sure to ask your bed bug exterminator if that would be needed.

Experienced bed bug exterminators know that bed bugs typically reside in areas with frequent visitors like hotels and resorts.  From there they can easily hitch a ride on someones clothing or luggage and relocate overnight to your home or business.  By the time you notice them, the bed bugs  have likely laid eggs and are already reproducing.

As gross as it may be, bed bugs get their red color thanks to you.  By the time bed bugs are large enough to notice, they have already fed on blood which gives them a reddish brown tint.  At this point it isn’t a question of if they have been feeding on someone, it is a question of who.  Bed bug bites can appear as small red bumps on the arms, shoulders or back of their victim.

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Exterminating bed bugs is a specialty of Innovative Pest Management.  We offer competitive pricing and free estimates for bed bug eradication.  With every day that a bed bug problem goes untreated, it becomes more difficult and costly to resolve.  Call IPM to exterminate bed bugs and prevent their further spread.