Bee Removal Las Vegas

Bee hive on house

Bees often build hives under roof eaves of Las Vegas homes.

Bee hive removal and bee exterminating is a delicate operation best left to professionals.  The bees and wasps in Las Vegas are known to be very aggressive.  They can easily recognize and even follow their targets hours after they were first encountered.   It is very important if you encounter any large number of bees to leave the area and call a bee removal expert.  A colony of bees quickly bands together if they feel threatened and will sting without warning.

Killer Bees

Swarm of bees in Las Vegas.

Be careful when dealing with bee and wasp problems.

More than half a million trips to the emergency room can be attributed to Africanized killer bees each year.  Not until first being stung do most people find out whether they are allergic to bee stings.   What could have been just a painful sting, can be life threatening for many people.  Outside of those who are allergic, young children and the elderly are most vulnerable to killer bee stings.  The presence of a bee colony or nest should be taken very seriously.  Unlike most insects, bees are not afraid of people.

Bee Swarmsbee-control-suit

Bee swarms continue to make news more and more each year.  Bees are known to begin swarming in late February and continue thereafter.  Swarming bees is a natural occurrence and should be avoided.  They are large groups of bees moving from one place to another.  While swarming they can get tired or too hot to fly and will find a place to rest in the shade.

Dealing with swarms of bees requires specialized protective gear as seen in the photo to the right.  Every inch of  a bee control technician must be covered to minimize potential for getting stung.

Bee Hive Removal

Bee and wasp control

We found these bee hives in a wall of a Henderson home.

Removal of a bee hive is something that should only be done by a professional.  While a hive may appear small, the majority of it can sometimes be hidden inside a wall or tree.  A properly trained bee removal technician will wear protective gear and specialized equipment to effectively handle a bee hive.  If you see a hive or suspect that you have one on your property, call our bee extermination experts at 702-522-8300.