Mice and Rat Control

Mouse control

How do I get rid of rodents?  Simple!  Call the pest control experts at Innovative Pest Management.

There are two kinds of rodents found here in Las Vegas.  Both house mice and roof rats are extremely common in the valley.  Their presence is often disregarded as if they can’t do any harm.  While they rarely pose any physical threat to anyone, they are very efficient carriers of disease.  The droppings they leave are hotbeds for both disease and viruses.  These viruses easily go airborne so the utmost care must be taken when cleaning up rodent droppings.  Respiratory protection and gloves are the bare minimum protection for such cleaning jobs.  Our specially trained technicians use cutting edge HEPA vacuums to clean up the droppings without dispersing toxins into the surrounding air.

how to get rid of rats

Why Are Rodents Dangerous?

Aside from the obvious health issues that can come with a rodent problem, property damage is also a big concern.  They have a tendency to chew on anything plastic or rubber.  From PVC pipes to electrical wires, the damage they do is often hidden inside walls until it becomes a big, expensive problem.  Rodent problems should always be dealt with as soon as they are detected.

Our job as your pest control company is not only to get rid of rodents you have, but to find where they are getting in.  Sealing off entry points is just as important as getting rid of the pest themselves.