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The best time to get pest control service

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When is the best time to get pest control?  It is a question that we are often asked and finally have a moment to address.

Naturally, many people will wait until they see bugs invading their space before calling a professional.  While that does work, it is like waiting to get a cavity before going to the dentist for a cleaning.  For best results a year round regimen of monthly pest control will keep your home or business free of bothersome pests.

One of the most common calls we get in the spring time is from a frantic homeowner who is in the middle of their first BBQ of the year.  It could be ants crawling up the BBQ or roaches on the patio furniture.  Either one is more than enough to ruin an otherwise perfect Sunday afternoon.  With regular pest control service, a protective barrier is established around the home and maintained on a monthly basis.

Bugs aren’t the only pests we start to see in the spring.  Pigeons seem to appreciate the warmer weather and are often found on the eves of homes, under A/C units,  or sitting atop a fence.  Their droppings are not only unsightly, but can carry both disease and bacteria.  Our experienced techs can rid you of the pigeons you have and take steps to discourage future pigeons from following.  A combination of spikes, screening and netting can be used to pigeon-proof your property.

Whatever you do to keep the pests at bay, there is no better time than now to get started.  As is said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  That couldn’t be more true!

Summertime Pests and Bugs

summertimeWith our first 100+ degree day of the year now behind us, full on summer heat is just around the corner.  While we enjoy the rest of spring who doesn’t like to leave the windows and doors open from time to time?  Getting some fresh air in the house is great, but nobody wants uninvited guests crawling in and ruining all the fun.  If you spot roaches, spiders, water bugs or any other insects, it might be time for some monthly pest control service.

Here are some of the common summertime bugs that are found in Las Vegas and Henderson:

water bug by poolWater Bugs:  Also known as Oriental roaches, water bugs are usually found by(you guessed it) water!  If you have a backyard with a pool or spa, these bugs can gather in groups ranging from just a few to hundreds.  They can also find their way inside the home in search of food.

Ants:  These tough bugs can be found anywhere from the sidewalk, kitchen, to the garage.  A trail of ants is hard to miss and even harder to get rid of.  Once ants find a food source they can mobilize an entire colony to take advantage of it.

What do these bugs have in common?  They can both be dealt with and prevented in the future by monthly pest control from Innovative Pest Management.  Utilizing either monthly or bi-monthly service we form a barrier of protection around your home and property that eliminates the bugs you have and keeps them from coming back.

With countless bugs waiting to crash your summertime BBQ or pool party,  preventive pest control just makes sense!  Don’t waste your spring and summer being bothered by bugs.  Speak with one of our pest experts today who can tailor a plan to fit your property and schedule!

Las Vegas Ant Exterminators


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Get rid of ant problems once and for all with Innovative Pest Management.  Ants can be tricky to completely get rid of due to their nesting nature.  It is easy to kill a bunch of ants and look like you are getting results,  but you will soon find that more just keep coming.  The queen ant will never leave the nest and as long as she is alive, there will always be more ants.   The key is to eliminate the queen ant by getting her workers to take poison bait back to the nest.

ant problem in kitchenHave ants in your kitchen?  Ants are most commonly found anywhere there is a food source.  Given their small size, they have no problem finding their way through walls.  They oftentimes use electrical wires or plumbing pipes as a highway through your home and can be seen coming in the kitchen.  Ants will travel great distances to carry food back to the nest.  A single nest can contain countless thousands of ants!

Get rid of ants

Our trained pest control technicians employ multiple tactics to eliminate your ant problem entirely.  Once the problem has been resolved, preventative pest control can be discussed to keep future pest problems from happening.  Our monthly pest control service is great for keeping your home bug free year round.  Call us today to have a complete pest control solution tailored to your home or business.

Las Vegas Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug bitesBed bugs in Las Vegas are much more common than many would imagine.  While they have been the focus of a few news stories and the occasional blog, bed bugs are something that many don’t talk about.  Of course, hotels and other businesses are worried about tarnishing their reputations in this vacation fueled economy.  Innovative Pest Management provides fast and effective bed bug treatment to homeowners and businesses alike.

Proper treatment of bed bugs will take a minimum of three visits from a qualified pest control specialist.  Bed bug eggs take approximately 10 days to hatch.  While you can treat the existing bed bugs on the first visit, 7-10 days later eggs are due to hatch and you now have those to deal with.  Anyone claiming to cure bedbugs in a single visit is likely just out for a quick buck.  This is why follow up visits are imperative for proper bed bug treatment.


Perhaps 30 years ago, bed bugs could have been considered a very uncommon pest to be dealing with in one’s home.  Increased regulation of insecticides in developing countries has lead to a resurgence of bed bugs like never before.   With international flights from nearly every corner of the globe landing in Las Vegas on a daily basis, seemingly distant bugs now have a non-stop flight to your backyard or even bedroom.  Unfortunately bed bugs have found Las Vegas beds to be one of their favorite vacation spots and many have decided to stay.

From single family homes, to high rise 5 star hotel rooms no dwelling is exempt from the possibility of bed bugs.  With full grown beg bugs measuring in at only 6mm in length, they can be easily and unknowingly be  transported anywhere on a piece of luggage, shoe, or even a pant leg.  Younger bed bugs can be almost invisible to the naked eye.  Once they have had their first blood meal they get their dark red color.  If you spot a bed bug and it has a red/brownish color, that is likely because it drank your blood.  Yuck!

Monthly and Bi-Monthly Pest Control Service


With a plethora of bugs in the Las Vegas valley, it is no wonder that monthly pest control service considered a necessity by most homeowners and businesses.  At the first sight of bugs there are many things to consider in order to get the best results possible.  How are these bugs getting in?  Are there more that I can’t see?  Will the pest control methods be safe for my pets and family?  Who should I call?

Innovative Pest Management knows from experience that dealing with Las Vegas pests involves initial treatment of the bugs that are already there as well as preventative measures for a pest free tomorrow.  On their first visit, technicians will identify the intruders along with the entry points they are using to invade the structure.  The tech will then recommend a treatment regimen to resolve the pest problem and keep it from coming back.

With few exceptions, bi-monthly pest control provides the best balance of value and pest control results.  The high quality pesticides utilized by Innovative can remain effective for up to two months between applications.  Certain areas and structures will require more frequent service depending on the severity of the pest control problem.  For those instances we will likely recommend monthly service.

The safety of your family and pets is our number one concern.  What would be the benefit of getting rid of disease carrying bugs if you then had to worry about the toxic chemicals used?  We use specially formulated, odorless compounds that, once dry, are safe for families, children and pets!

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Why Innovative Pest Management?

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We offer 100% guaranteed pest control for Las Vegas!

Our mission statement is as follows:

Our focus is on innovation, personal relationships, honesty and respect for our clients. Both commercial and residential customers . The Innovative Pest Management family takes pride in their work and providing quality solutions to our customers. We believe in developing relationships with our clients so they will have peace of mind that we are taking care of their pest control issues. We are continually involved with learning the most up to date and efficient techniques available so that we can anticipate and handle any pest control situation you may encounter.

We guarantee our pest control work and products. Our customers are our future and we look forward to serving you. We take pride in our work and we love the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin and Henderson area. Call us today and find out why thousands of customers have used us and were 100% satisfied over the years.  We offer one time, monthly, and bi-monthly interior and exterior treatments to prevent pests from entering the structure or to control those that have already settled-in to the living areas.  Innovative Pest Management can keep your home free from unwanted pests throughout the year and for years to come.