Pigeon Control Las Vegas

pigeon damage prevention

If your roof looks anything like this call us today!

Another aspect of pigeon property damage to consider is the possible fire hazard.  Pigeon nesting materials are usually highly flammable brush, papers and sticks.  Naturally they like to nest in a dry area close to a source of heat(such as an electrical box).  This can be a dangerous combination and lead to a fire.  Pigeon elimination is just the first step getting rid of pigeons.  Pigeon spikes and pigeon screening can be applied to keep them from coming back.

Are Pigeons a Health Risk?

pigeon extermination

Feeding pigeons is definitely a bad idea.

Yes!  Aside from causing expensive damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles,  these droppings can carry multiple diseases which are dangerous to humans.  While disease transmission to humans is rare, care should always be taken when cleaning up after pigeons.

Cleanup after a pigeon exclusion/extermination is just as important as the rest of the job.  Pigeon droppings contain pheromones that actually attract more pigeons!  If proper cleanup isn’t performed, it is only a matter of time until pigeons come back.  The experts at Innovative have years of experience providing pigeon control in Nevada.